Terri’s Little Corner

TLC.  Terri’s Little Corner of the blogging world. Everyone has to have a blog now, right? Well, mine IS kinda necessary because, in the world of papercrafting (the thing I’m obsessed with now), it gives you a better opportunity to “play along” with challenges, blog-hops, and to just generally run your mouth. That’s something I’m already pretty good at. Put me in front of a keyboard, and I have trouble shutting up, actually. Just ask any of my poor friends who’ve been on the receiving end of letters and emails over the years!

HERE, however, I’ll try to stay on topic. The thing is, the topic of crafting with me is a wide-open field.  My wonderful Granny got me started with it when I was just a kid. Her things were embroidery (which she taught me) and quilting (which she never got around to teaching me, but managed to get me interested anyway).  And I had a wonderful aunt who completely overwhelmed me with the love of flowers, floral crafts (corsages, table arrangements, wreaths) and all kinds of Christmas-crafting. What did I get from my Mom, you ask? Well, Mom would have said that she didn’t have a talented bone in her body, BUT she had a wonderful eye for color and design. And the woman was nuts over the holidays–any holiday. She enjoyed making everything “special” for the ones she loved. So, from Mom, I got my over-the-top love of creating and decorating….EVERYTHING.

I cracked the paper-crafting world initially with scrapbooking, with my first efforts when I was all of 14. Let me just say that the stuff available–um, 40 years ago!!–to preserve photos and memories with were, well, NOWHERE near what’s available now. When I started back in earnest with it 15 years ago, I was amazed! And now, OH! I swoon when I think of all the paper and products available!

My sweet step-daughter got me hooked on Stampin’ Up several years ago. When I discovered how easy and fun it was to work with quality rubber stamps and fabulously coordinated ink, paper, and accessories—well, it was love at first sight. I had the good fortune last year to become a part of the Stampin’ Pretty Pals where I’m surrounded by extremely talented and wonderful people who are inspiring me and challenging me daily to let my creativity soar. So, right now, this little corner of the world tends to be covered with lots of bits of paper, frequently ink-stained fingers, and well, a rainbow of joyous chaos!

I’ll end my first post with this, It’s a card I made in 2009, with some of the first SU stamps and paper I bought. I didn’t make it for MY mom since she passed in 1990, but I’ll dedicate it to her now. I think she’d like it!

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri

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