IBN-DC005 and Birthday Wonderlands


Oh, how I need to do more scrapbooking! Getting back to digital designing is going to make it SO much easier and faster. I’ll probably always WISH that I could do it all the traditional way, but the fact remains that I have too many photos, too many events, too many families and friends that need to be organized and celebrated with their own special pages.

This page owes its very vibrant color scheme to the inspiration challenge at Impressions by Nicole. IBN-DC005 has the Alice in Wonderland movie as the starting point for our creative endeavors this time.  There are SO many ways one could play this challenge. I thought of tea parties, hats (which I did use — just a different shape than the inspiration photo), the Red Queen, the White Queen, rabbits …and my favorite big Cheshire Cat grin. But since I’m just now getting back with the original MDS program, I’m trying to limit myself to using the great stuff that I’ve already got. So that restricted me a bit…and I also couldn’t really get past the vivid orangey-red and the shocking green colors in this movie poster.  So, color it was!

The party girl on my page is my great-niece. Her birthday that year (wow–two whole years ago already!) fell right smack in the middle of a very tough time for my family, and it was very hard trying to put together a festive party atmosphere for our girl. But, somehow, the innocence and love of children always wins out–and no one had to fake the smiles. (It may have had something to do with those huge crazy glasses on the kids!)  But I DO know that I’m really glad to have the photographs…and be reminded that, even in the midst of a LOT of pain–there are still moments of amazing joy.  That’s something very much worth commemorating.

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri


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