Snow Day with MDS Monday

MDS Monday 3-001The MDS Monday Challenge 3 gave me another opportunity to play with some old photos I’m trying to get scrap-booked. We don’t get a lot of snow in my area of the country, so when we do–especially around Christmas time, it’s very special. Hence, I’ve got a lot of photos of our little winter wonderland from a few years ago.


The challenge this time was a technique AND a sketch. I have to be honest–I still only have MDS, NOT MDS2….and apparently I don’t have the capability to do the photo-filled grouped boxes at this point.  However, with some tweaking, I was still able to use the fabulous original MDS software to reproduce a similar effect with my triple-box photo.  This is one of my all time favorite photographs–of a scene at a place I loved, with snow, no less!–and I really love the effect of “stretching it out” over three photo frames.  (I will say that I can’t wait to get MDS2, so that I can do this with a couple of mouseclicks!)

To accommodate my particular photos, I turned the sketch upside-down–a full 180-rotation.  This allowed me to still highlight my Christmas-ribbon-bedecked column in the larger single photo.

I have minimal journaling on my page right now, but may go back later and add in a bit more.  I also chose to add some snowflakes to the blue background; I changed the opacity to about 30% to make them less of a focal point and more of a true background element, but still in keeping with the theme of the page.

Elements used to design this page were:

  • Frostwood Lodge DSP’s
  • Various snowflakes from Snow-Swirled and every other Christmas stamp set included with the original MDS!
  • Zig-zag stitching
  • Journaling was created with the textbox tool. I’m a big fan of all the fancy and fun fonts I’ve got stored on my computer.
  • The blue background was created with the Color Picker tool. I wanted to exactly match the shade of blue in that one DSP from Frostwood Lodge.  It gave me a blue that is somewhere between the dull shade of sky while it was still snowing….and the brilliant blue after the sun came back out. I LOVE this picker tool for getting exactly the color I want immediately!

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri

3 thoughts on “Snow Day with MDS Monday

  1. What a great paper choice for these pictures. Looks like such an inviting entranceway 🙂 Love how you have moved the orientation of the grouped boxes to accommodate your photos. Thanks for sharing with us at MDS Monday this week!

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