Memories get us by sometimes….



This is a bittersweet project for my second entry for the IBN-DC009 challenge.  My Dad has been fighting colon cancer since fall of 2010–he’s already beaten the doctor’s best guess and had two more Christmases than was expected. At this moment, though, I’m not sure he’ll see Christmas Day this year. My heart is breaking, and in my sadness, I do what I always do–open up the doors of my heart, and pour everything I’m feeling into my words on paper (or the computer screen)….and into whatever crafting I’m enthralled with at the time.  Turning to digital designing right now makes sense, as it allows me to reminisce through my photos a bit.

I have been the official “keeper of the family photos” for many decades now. It’s not always been easy to keep up with them through the years, and the moves, and the changes in my life. But at moments like these, I am ever so grateful to have these treasures so close by…so that I can reach in…and remember.

My Mom passed away in 1990 from breast cancer.  Now it seems that this colon cancer will claim my father, as well.  I hate cancer.  I hate that it takes people we love from us far too soon, and before it does, it chews them up and spits them out.  It’s not fair to anyone–the one who is sick; those who have to watch their loved ones suffer.  So, I’ll say in this post what I spent the entire month of October saying–please do anything you can to help in the fight against cancer. I’m active in my area American Cancer Society Relay for Life; there is likely one in your area in which you can participate, help raise money, walk around the track with survivors…and honor and remember the victims of this hideous, wretched disease.  And there are many other worthy anti-cancer causes out there, too, of course.  Just–please–get involved in any way you can.

No one but God knows how this will go; Dad may surprise us all and rally again. He’s an ornery ole cuss who does things his own way–which is likely why he’s fared as well as he has.  But whatever course this takes, I’m grateful for this extra time I’ve had with him…and whether he spends Christmas here with us….or with Mom again, in Heaven….I’m thankful for all the Christmases I’ve had….and the only regret I have is that they EVER have to end.

Thanks for visiting my little Corner Today, sad though it may be.  And I wish YOU a Merry Christmas. –Terri

2 thoughts on “Memories get us by sometimes….

  1. Terri, you have touched my heart and soul! May God ease your pain and help you come to terms in whatever happens this season! Hugs….

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