Happy New Year!

January 2013-001

2013 is finally here!!

The holidays got hectic, so I haven’t made the New Year’s card I’d intended to do tonight. That’ll happen during the New Year’s Day lull in a few hours. Right now, it’s just now rolled over to the new year in the Central time zone. Here in the Eastern time zone, most of my cohorts are already sound asleep. Not me. I tend to always stay awake until all of the continental US has had time to ring in their roll-over-to-midnight.  So I sat here and whipped out a new header for January….and a big, happy, balloon-filled digital page to greet 2013.

2012 was a rough, rough year for many of my loved ones. I think all of us have breathed a major sigh of relief to have made it through to tonight. Forget the “Mayan Apocalypse”….we all had enough to deal with in our own “mini-apocalypses”.  So thankful we survived them all.

But there were many blessings during 2012, as well. Tonight, I am choosing to remember the good, let go of the so-very-less-than-good, and to look forward to this new year with hopefulness and happy anticipation. My prayer is for us all in 2013 to have many, many blessings to count….and the joyful wisdom to remember to count –and be thankful for — them all!

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today, and Happy New Year!! –Terri


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