MDS Monday …a Page


My first MDS challenge of the year–and, naturally, it’s a Christmas page. Kinda hard to resist the sweet faces of my great-niece and nephew.


This was another fun layout from MDS Monday, allowing for a lot of personal interpretation.  I tend to go pretty straightforward with the main elements of the layout (the photos), and then do my own thing with the embellishments and/or background.  No exception here: I placed my two photos as the sketch prescribes, and then interpreted the background (with a highly-decorative DSP) and the “rick-rack” from the sketch (with several border embellishments) in my own way.

The elements used here are all from the Letters to Santa and Jolly Jingles stamp, paper, and embellishments sets.

I’ve got another entry for this same challenge to follow.  Meanwhile,

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri

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