MDS Monday….or Two


And here’s entry number two for MDSM4 over at the MDS Monday blog.  My first entry celebrated the fun of Christmas 2012; this entry reaches back a couple of years to a wedding I helped put together. I’m FINALLY getting the pages scrapbooked–thanks to the wonders of My Digital Studio!

There are plenty of pages featuring the people of the wedding: obviously the bride and groom, the wedding party, the parents. But I also wanted to capture the details of the wedding, too.  It WAS a handmade wedding–as much out of financial necessity, as it was a genuine love of the handcrafting.  All the florals, all the decorations for the church and the reception area, and even the bride’s veil were handmade….with love, sweat, and tears.  The love–obvious.  The sweat–lots and lots of hours of toil!


The tears–well that’s MY old bridal veil in the photo above.  I had made my veil back in 1994 for my wedding (along with my dress!), and it seemed appropriate to hand-it-down to my niece, since I have no daughter of my own, and she’s always felt like mine.  I took that veil apart, crying tears of joy for the memories, and for the hope ahead.

Here I am with the original veil–hard to see in this really old photo, but the veil was longer, more full, and more old fashioned-looking.  For my petite niece, I completely reworked the crown/base of the veil, and it ended up being more of a small back-of-the-head adornment.  Very much “modern vintage” when completed.  By the way, the niece wearing the update is the cute 11-year-old to the far right of the photo.  🙂


Anyway, this version of the MDS sketch showcases the new veil and the bride’s bouquet.  To complete this page, I used Frames with a Flourish, Delicate Doilies, and All Scallops stamp brushes.  The journaling was added with the Text tool.  The mats for the photo frames were colored using the Picker Tool (I matched the ribbon in the bouquet) and the stamps were colored the same way, matching the burgundy flower.  The background was created with yet another photo of handcrafted wedding decor (paper fans) added with a 30% opacity to give it a washed out/more vintage feel.

I think I’ll do a “facing page” for this scrap page, with the mirror-image of the layout, featuring a couple more of the handmade items, and a similar “washed-out” background. That’ll make a lovely double-page spread, either for print purposes, or just to enjoy digitally.

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri

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