Sketching memories with PMDC-020


One of the wonderful things about digital designing with MDS is the ease with which you can re-create or re-color or re-embellish any page layout or card you might be working on. No torn pages, no wasted adhesive, no filled trash can at the end of a project. AND you can keep the befores and the afters, if you so choose. Such is the case with the pages here.  I’m a bit late for Mothers’ Day with this post, but it’s never too late to honor and remember someone you love.

This week’s challenge over at Pixel Maven’s Retreat is a most lovely PMDC-020and versatile sketch and I decided to give it several different tries playing along this time….using the same photo of my Mom as the base for my layout.  

Mom 1956

This pic from my layout is one of my favorites of Mom. It shows both ‘the styles’ and ‘her style’ at the time she and my Dad married (old cars in the back as a fun bonus). In her younger years, in clothing Mom preferred simple shapes, minimal jewelry, as modern-classic and chic as possible, and usually very understated. 

But I didn’t “know her” back then! By the time I remember her clothing choices, Mom was all about comfort and considered herself as having ‘no style’. However, she more than made up for it in home decor. And that preferred style was directly 

PMDC-020-001opposite of her tastes in clothing. She loved old, vintage, antiques, frilly, victorian, super-feminine, and very fussy ‘stuff’ to surround herself with, when possible. THAT is the Mom I knew.  She would have loved both of these very vintage-inspired creations, (using that Attic Boutique ensemble throughout both layouts) and likely would have preferred the ‘busier’ one.  Here they are side by side to show how much impact ‘paper’ choices have on a finished product: (I prefer the less busy of the two!)








When I play with my papercrafts now–whether digital or traditional–I think how much Mom influenced my own personal tastes–in everything. In clothing, I also prefer non-trendy, tailored, more sophisticated looks. When it comes to home decor–or papercrafting–I’m all about the vintage. One thing’s for sure though–pearls go with ALL those styles!

Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today! –Terri


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