Monkey business

Hudson diaper cake2This is my “epic save” from a COLOSSAL failure diaper cake for my niece’s baby shower today.  BAD monkey business of a mess I started with; GOOD monkey business in the save!

This thing is five-feet tall and largely comprised of two plastic “buckets” inverted onto each other to hold the gifts inside–and there were lots of them.  All the usual, typical first Hudson diaper cake1baby needs that often get overlooked in gifting, but that are really, really needed once baby arrives.  But there’s also all kinds of monkey-toy and monkey-designs on the gifts contained here…lots and lots of fun monkey business happening, too!

The “cake” on top is very traditional (just diapers rolled up into “cake layers”) and nothing to write home about, although I think it did turn out very cute, and was definitely lovingly made. But to appreciate how great this finished project actually is, you’d have to have seen the vision inside my head that did NOT turn out.  I originally wanted to create a “tree” to hang all this monkey stuff from.

Let’s just say I was NOT successful in turning thought into reality. Hah!

But my niece seemed to love it anyway, and that’s all that counts!

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!