Best Wishes-softly spoken

Best Wishes

This is a card I made awhile back for–obviously–a wedding greeting. The colors in it are very soft and muted, but, since it features the lovely Pink Pirouette, I decided it would be a good card to showcase during the “pink” month of October.

There’s a lot going on with this card, because first, a clean and simple style is not my natural inclination, and second, it was for a wedding, so, in my mind anyway–the more frilly embellishments, the better!  The bride who received this is a lot like me–she loves everything vintage and feminine, romantic style, which kinda begs for ribbon and pearls and trinkets–all present here.

The ingredients for the card are all retired SU papers and inks, some SU embellishments, and a couple of trinkets and some ribbon I had in my stash. To make this card again from all only current SU product, I’d use the Subtles (Pink Pirouette) and Neutrals (Basic Gray) Backgrounds DSP Stacks, the magnificent Seam Binding Ribbon, and likely the sentiment from Petite Pairs. Some Pearl Basics Jewels sprinkled here and there would lend the perfect finishing touch.

The pink in today’s card isn’t to raise “awareness”, of course, but rather to celebrate the happiest of days. The more happy days we have to celebrate–for ourselves or with others–the better, regardless of whatever health battles anyone faces. Well, actually, as one who has been there, I believe celebrating and acknowledging the joys of our lives makes it so much easier to make it through the struggles.

So, “best wishes” to the new brides everywhere, as I acknowledge that pink power is sometimes loveliest and loudest when softly spoken, and say, thanks for visiting my Little Corner today.


Positive Pink

BCA She Believed 10-4-14-5

Pinktober rocks on and so I’m throwing out a card with a very upbeat sentiment sitting happily in a sea of pink.

BCA She Believed 10-4-14-3


Blushing Bride is the perfect pink for these projects to me–it’s just bold enough, just enough of a vintage feel to really suit my tastes. So there are a bunch of BB goodies on here in the form of some old dsp, the still-fabulous ruffled ribbon, bakers’ twine, and I added a lot of inking to a half-piece of a Tea Lace Paper Doily to create my pinktastic one behind the butterflies. And, once again, butterflies, via the Bitty Butterfly and Elegant Butterfly Punches, are the perfect symbol to adorn and highlight the sentiment panel. And that sentiment from the Feel Goods stamp set–one of my favorites ever–is uber-appropriate to acknowledge “pink power”.

Since two of my closest friends are now 2-year breast cancer survivors, this card is inspired by them and in their honor. Neither of them–despite the fear and uncertainty associated with a cancer diagnosis–ever wavered from the “I’ve got this, with God’s help” mentality, and I admire them more than I can ever adequately express.

BCA She Believed 10-4-14

I felt what I assume was similar to their emotions when I went through my own different cancer (thyroid) ordeal years ago, but I definitely didn’t accomplish it with the same style and grace these sweet girls did.  My Rosie-the-Riveter hat is off to you–and to everyone engaged in this battle now!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.: – Rabindranath Tagore

“Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys.” – Madeleine L’Engle

“Your heart is a sun—
Joy its stars,
Faith a moon, shining in your darkness…” – Terri Guillemets

May each of your days be filled with the certainty that you can do it, and thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

Congratulations–with some vintage goodies

Congratulations Framed Tulips

As a hobbyist paper-player, I don’t get rid of anything just because it retires from the active SU! lineup. Any kind of tool, ink, paper, embellishment–I keep and use it all at some point in time.  Many, many pieces of my SU! stash come in to play for Relay for Life purposes…and when I want to max-out a concept–like Pinktober, for instance. And this card has an overabundance of retired product, starting with the Raspberry Ripple and Primrose Petals inks and papers, through the sentiment from Layered Labels, and finished off with the Framed Tulips Embossing Folder.


But to make my pink-shout-out “Congratulations” card, I also used some current details, including the Vintage Faceted Buttons and the Apothecary Accents Framelits to help give the sentiment its featured status here.

Congratulations Framed Tulips closeup

Lots of inking and some bright pink fingers when I was finished dirtying up the raised portions of these tulips from the embossing process.  Pink was everywhere!

So now I have a very girly congrats card to share when needed. Pink is always in fashion and utterly fabulous.

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

Inspired by Hope

Keep Calm and Fight OnWhen I discovered Pinterest a couple of years ago, I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven.  I go down so many rabbit holes online at times, I had probably 30 million bookmarks of pages I wanted to remember. Well, that’s a slight exaggeration, but not really much of one. Pinterest now provides me with a much more easily categorized and retrieved VISUAL way of accessing all the things I want to remember for future use–all the wonderful bits of fun and decorating ideas and inspiration I find all over the internet.

Case in point: the lovely card here, a pink ribbon project dedicated to the memory of the crafter’s sister. Her card was such a poignant inspiration to me, because I think of my mother, who died from breast cancer in 1990, every time I see a butterfly. Since Mom loved a more “cluttered” style–and passed that and the love for everything vintage onto me–my card version is a lot less clean and simple:

BCA Ribbon of Hope

Although the colors didn’t photograph “true”, I’ve got Melon Mambo, Blushing Bride, and Pink Pirouette all over these Papillon Potpourri butterflies–some of which were stamped directly to the card, and others punched out with the Bitty Butterfly Punch and popped up to add some dimension and a sense of “flight”–a very important component of my inspiration card. One big Elegant Butterfly-punched image is used with the sentiment from Blooming with Kindness, which has been framed by a couple of the shapes from the Apothecary Accents Framelits–one of them modified by cutting the right tab off so it would be flush with the edge.  I’ve added some Rhinestone Basics Jewels to add a bit of sparkle to this explosion of pink wings.

To me “hope takes wing” with this card and reminds me of good memories of my mother–and that I’ve got two dear friends who fought this awful disease and won. Keep calm and fight on….and thanks for visiting my Little Corner Today!

Celebrating 77

BC18 Pink Drawers

My mother would have been 77 years old today, but instead, she died at the age of 52. I hate the disease that killed her, and it’s part of the reason that I dedicate the whole month of October to driving people crazy with “pink”.  Over the last few crafting years, I’ve created various pink-ribbon projects of one sort or other, and posted several here.  This one is from a couple years ago, and sums up my mother very nicely:


I hate that she can’t “watch me play” with all my papercrafting toys and see how I’ve embraced this latest realm in the crafting world. She considered herself all thumbs with everything, but would sit and watch me sew for hours as we brainstormed–and I created–all kinds of goodies for her granddaughters (my nieces) when they came along. But what I really hate is that she didn’t get to see those girls grow up and meet their children. Not to mention all the other things she’s missed–that I’ve missed sharing with her. So many people say that their mother is/was their best friend. Mine truly was, and I miss my friend just as much as I do my mom. Twenty-four years later, I still can’t type these words without stopping to wipe tears away.

She taught me to be the best that *I* can be and not to compare myself to anyone else. I’ve failed miserably at that quite often–but I still hear her words admonishing me that it doesn’t matter how anyone else does anything–that only I can bring to the world what God gave ME to share. She thought she had “no talents”–but her talent was people, and the people of this world (at least, the part of it she blessed with her presence) lost a great advocate when she left it.

She was a complicated woman, who had a very serious side down deep, and she’d fuss at me big-time if I didn’t point out the obvious–she was not perfect and had her faults and foibles like everyone–none of which changed just because she died and I miss her. This, in fact, is one of the the traits I got from her–the ability to see the good and the bad in people, and love them anyway. But Mom preferred–always–to smile and laugh and look at the bright side of things, and that’s the choice I still go with most of the time. And why I choose to believe that, even if just one person reads this and it makes them go get a breast check-up, then she won’t have died in vain.

Mom luminary 2012

I can’t bring her back, but I can keep her alive in my recollections… and honor her memory by sharing some of what I learned from her–

  • minding your manners and being kind is always the best way to go;
  • every day matters;
  • every holiday should be celebrated and treasured;
  • family–whether by birth or choice–is everything;
  • always be the best “you” that you can be.

Here’s to the best Mom-and-friend anyone could be. And I will say, in a very kind, mannerly way–thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

Little Pink Angels

As a kind of sidebar to yesterday’s Pinktober wreath, I played a bit with the Gift Bow Bigz Die and decided to give the lovely little paper angels a try. These things are everywhere on PInterest, and likely the main reason I bought this die to begin with, although it’s taken me literally months to get around to trying this first one. Hopefully, eventually she’ll be joined by a whole heavenly host of tags for Relay ornaments.

Bow Angel--Pink

(That’s some more of the old Candy Lane dsp here.  *sigh* I love that stuff.)

Short and sweet post — just like my lil angel here.  Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

A Pinktober Wreath

October blog header

A couple of years ago, two of my closest friends-forever were diagnosed with breast cancer, at almost the same time. In fact, it was the one friend’s preliminary questionable mammogram that prompted the other to go for her far-past-due test. Thankfully, both of them came through their ordeals on the winning side and are both cancer-free today. And though neither of them wants to define their lives by cancer, what they went through matters on so many levels–and should never be forgotten or minimalized. Since my mother DIED from breast cancer 24 years ago, it really matters to me to know that these dear ones are alive and well now.

I’ve worked actively in Relay for Life for the past several years, and while I know the primary focus is not just on breast cancer, it doesn’t keep me from spending the month of October highlighting a cause fighting a disease that has impacted so many that I love. Once again this year, I will do as much as I can for “Pinktober”, with awareness posts on my personal facebook page, and making projects to convey what pink means to me now.

Wreath -pink

My pink paper wreath–a gift for one of my Survivor-friends–was made with every stinkin-pink shade of paper I had on hand–cardstock, SU dsp, old and donated stashes of patterned paper–I went through it all! I pulled in some bits of other colors to give some dimension, but basically this baby is pink-tastical.  I cut a nicely-flat wreath base out of cardboard-box material and even wrapped IT in pink papers, layer-upon-layer to give it a finished look front and back. That was over-wrapped with some wide pink tulle ribbon, and then the die-cutting began.

I used the current SU Autumn Accents Bigz Die and the other fall-leaf retired one to put down a pink-leaf background. About 200 leaves later (each of which were vein-scored and curled with my bone folder), I started adding on varying flowers–all made with a fairly-recently retired floral bigz die. (Flower Frenzy Bigz L Die is on my to-buy list for this coming spring…gotta pace myself on craft-purchases somewhere!!)

Pink Wreath-2

I decided to stick with paper for my bow, and crafted one with the Gift Bow Bigz L Die (which was one of those dies I couldn’t imagine actually needing until I saw all the wonderful things I can make with it!) from the very last piece of one of my all-time favorite SU papers–Candy Lane. (I may have to go visit the Project Sandbox and request this one be added to the digital papers offered!)

Pink Wreath 3

I finished everything off by randomly adding on some brads, buttons, and pearls, and a bit of tulle here and there.

Wow, looking at this close-up here, I’m really glad I spent the time “veining” all those leaves. A labor of love–and I’m happier with the finished product this way!

Being a girlie-girl, I’ve always loved the color pink–now it just has a whole new dimension. I hope my Pinktober projects inspire both hope and awareness.  And thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!