Shiny Baubles

Ornaments 1

After playing with shiny stars for a couple of days, I was back to working on shiny Christmas ornaments. Thankfully, we’ve had several special orders for the “Ornaments for Life” my friend and I have been making to raise funds for Relay for Life, so you’d think I’d tied enough bows to last me a lifetime, just doing that. Instead, it’s inspired me to make some ornaments for gifts and personal use, too. But I definitely chose to go the non-breakable route on the base for these baubles, rather than the LOOKOUT, THAT’S GLASS!! of our Relay ornaments!

Ornaments 1-1

As with all things shiny, it’s hard to photograph the finished product.  Here’s a shot of some of the component parts, which hopefully show up better:

Ornament components

A 6-pack of shiny PLASTIC (read that: pet- and kid-friendly!) Christmas ornaments from the local crafts store, along with both some additional shine (from the ribbon with the medallions), and some decidedly UNshiny, more natural-looking elements (from the “Merry Christmas” cotton ribbon and the little pine cone picks), yielded a half-dozen very elegant-looking, yet rustic, happy additions for my sister’s already rusticated Christmas tree this year.  And easy-peasy they were: some hot glue, a bunch of ribbon, a base-bauble … and done!

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

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