Baby Shower Favors–done!

Baby Shower favors2

Not a card made on Saturday, but I sure did a lot of papercrafting! I put together 60 baby shower favors (and MOST of the candy bought for them actually went in there….). My right index finger is quite angry with me right now with a bit of an arthritis flare-up from all the various paper-handling I did, and my entire right hand is REALLY mad at me for all the punches and Big Shot items cranked out.  Whew!  More photos as they look when complete, but not yet set up for the shower (which is not til next Saturday):

Baby Shower favors5

Baby Shower favors7

Baby shower favorsThese were really a lot of fun to put together, and I’m thrilled to have finally gotten the Mini-Milk Carton Die when it was on clearance in December–it really made short work of the base for each of these, leaving me free to spend the time I had to do the embellishing…. hence all the punching and all the flowers and doodads on all four sides of all 60 of these. They’re finished up in every shade of pink and purple paper I had on hand (for the twin girls on the way), and the little poem on “doubles” I put together for this. There’s a bit of bling on each little clothespin, and a piece of pink or purple tulle to carry through the “tutu cute” theme.

So, one more thing was checked off the shower to-do list. Next up, some topiary, one to be done in pink and one in purple. I’ve got the vision in my head–now I’ve just got to see if I can make it work!

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

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