Double-Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake 2

The first time I was introduced to the concept of a “diaper cake” for a baby shower, I thought that was the cutest thing ever devised for this kind of event. I’m always amazed at the creative minds out there that dream up these things to begin with. I mean, really–it’s kind of a big leap from what a diaper represents to a CAKE. Not something I would likely have ever thought to do on my own. But I’ve now made so many of these through the years that I’ve lost count. So, naturally, I had to make one for my niece’s twins shower.

I’ve seen many photos out there for twins where separate cakes are made, but I could just Diaper Cake pinkenvision one where a Diaper Cake purplecuddly-cute stuffed animal sat on each side of the cake, and so I worked from there.  Miss Pink and Miss Purple each have their own side, replete with little toys, a bit of clothing, some blankets with a cute owl print in pinks AND purples (those form the “frosting” for the cake layers), and –of course– tucked underneath all that is a (literal) hundred neatly rolled and banded diapers, waiting to be used when “Size 1” is reached. That may be awhile– so after it’s done being a table decoration for the upcoming baby shower, this little tower of tutu cuteness can be kept intact as a room decoration til ready to use those diapers, if the parents so choose.

Diaper cake

And this is a continuation of the “tutu” theme being used throughout the shower. I tied up a variety of pink and purple tulle ribbons onto some elastic cording and put it around the “base” of the cake, which is a rectangular box–which also houses a gift for the babies. The only item on this that can’t be reused for the twins or their room is what I put on top of the base: I wrapped up some cardboard circles in pink or purple paper and used them to be the “wings” on this cake, to hold the stuffed animals. The rest of the “layers” are the rolled diapers, covered with blankets (bottom two) and a couple of pre-folded cloth diapers (on the top layer). Those came in a four-pack–and just happened to have one purple and one pink patterned one in the bunch. I really lucked out in my shopping, because so much baby stuff this season seemed to be more in the soft greens and yellows or peaches, and so I was really tickled to find items I could make work here. (Next time I’m making a cake, the recipient will probably NEED yellow, peach, and green–and it will be the scarce color combo then!)

So, that’s all the shower prep now–done. I’ve got to finish packaging up the rest of the gifties, and then plan on a marathon room-decorating session coming up for the weekend. And then on to the big event. Nothing quite like family, friends, food, fun–and getting ready for babies on the way!

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