Some heartfelt creating

Mother's corsage

I’m in the process of cleaning out old photo files–a “housekeeping” task that leads me down memory lane for some lengthy and heart-wrenching strolls at times. It’s kind of cathartic, kind of fun, and definitely worth the effort: I keep finding photos of people I’d forgotten I had, along with a lot of projects I worked on–some many months ago.  And today I’ve uncovered some wedding-goodies, which seemed appropriate for this Valentine’s week!

I’ve previously documented some of the decorations and items I made for my niece’s wedding back here. I’ve had every intention of finishing up that big process of creating a digital scrapbook of the whole wedding, but it’s a work that is sadly STILL in process—put on hold because of computer issues and life happening. But I’ve gotta do something with THESE pictures now, so for the time being, I’m simply going to document the crafty-part of this small but lovely wedding, and will get back to the bigger project when I can.


Reworked Wedding Veil

Just as I did for my own wedding back in 1994—of which this niece was a part—and in the same small church, even—I made a lot of decorations, the wedding florals, and even reworked my own wedding veil for my niece to wear. And I guess I helped her coordinate everything in a sense–I took her to the local HL and turned her loose to choose colors and florals. Silks were preferred over real flowers simply for the keepsake aspect; I was personally glad of the choice because they’re so much easier to work with than live flowers!

It was technically a Winter wedding (mid-March), but close enough to Spring that a totally different color palette would have been fine, but my niece trends toward a vintage vibe, and she wanted a dusky, deep-toned array of somewhat larger-than-life floral tones. Deep rose-pink, dark teal, deep plum-purple, and a rich burgundy—all very dusky-toned—were the darkish-but-bold pops of color against the backdrop of ivory and touches of black. Those colors were pulled through into the decorations for the small sanctuary and into the two “fellowship hall” rooms that served as the reception areas after the marriage service.

Bridesmaid Bouquet-Blue

Bridesmaid Bouquet-Claret2

Bridesmaid Bouquet-Claret

The bridal party’s bouquets were put together Brides Bouquetsimply, with each bridesmaid getting her own single color, while the bride carried a bouquet with a mixture of all the colors and flowers chosen (and a few lilies thrown in to add a bit of traditional flair).  Boutinieres2

 And of course there were boutonnieres, too!–>

Curtain of Fans

The finished “Curtain of Fans” coverup!

One of the biggest challenges of decorating for the wedding reception–a simple, small affair for family and a few friends and held at the same little church– was that one of the rooms has an enormous mural that covers one entire wall. While it’s perfectly fine as a backdrop for daily church life and gatherings, the scenic ocean view did NOT go along with our wedding-theme-décor at all—it was, in fact, an eyesore to figure out what to do with. I lucked up in finding some really inexpensive white fusible-web-type-material (which lent an ethereal softness to the whole room) and used yards of it to hang “curtain panels” from floor to ceiling over the problem spot and then decorated over that. It ended up making a nice backdrop for the food service tables, and carried the vintage-vibe of the decorations through the space nicely.


I spent hours….and hours….and hours making these paper fans (long before I had a scoring board to work with!), and used up a lot of old buttons and other little trinkets that I’d had for many years. Vintage, in the real sense of the word!Fans2Fans3Curtain of Fans2

There were a bunch more decorations, both in the sanctuary and in the reception areas, but these are the ones I just found pics for, so here they’ll rest for posterity to find some day. I look back on these photos now and really am reminded of the many hours I devoted to this effort…and of why I spent so much time. It matters, this time and effort spent on these little labors of crafting love. I can look at each simple piece I created and pretty much remember every thought going through my head at the time, all those months ago: remembering my own wedding, reflecting on the fact that the 11-year-old at my wedding was now preparing for hers, realizing that sometimes it feels like my heart will burst with the love I have for this little-girl-now-grown. Perhaps that is what crafting and creating any thing of beauty is–our hearts bursting open for a moment and spilling forth the love and other emotions that have grown too large, too intense to be contained. It was a beautiful wedding and I’m so glad I was there….with all my heart.

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

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