Convention Decor for the AL


The month of June found me working hard to get settled into my new living space…and crafting away on some decorations for our area’s American Legion State Banquet. A friend and I worked on the room décor for both the Ladies’ Auxiliary’s meeting room, and well as the centerpieces for all the tables for the full-on AL dinner/banquet. Both were a challenge—you want to make it festive, reflect a patriotic vibe….and still look at least reasonably classy within the parameters that the venue itself provides.

AND, you have to do it on a budget!  No worries there. Between my inherent penchant for being a frugal-as-possible crafter, and the added bonus of the self-proclaimed “Reasonable Police” vision of my co-crafter (seriously, that’s what we’ve called her for a couple of decades now, as she reins-in my tendency to go over-the-top with planning stuff), we came in UNDER budget on the items we provided, and I still think it looked very lovely.


And festive.  And patriotic.  Red, white, and blue—but in a very happily stylish way. For the banquet table decorations, we found some really nice-looking, but very inexpensive, silk carnations and roses at an area discount store. I got bunches of deep blue and bright red. LOTS of bunches. Added them to some simple white gift bags that served as the “vase”, 008which was weighted down with an ACTUAL bud vase that the local AL had a plethora of on hand.  By itself, the lil bud vase was just too little to make an impact, but it worked perfectly as an anchor for the larger bag.

And as a “base” for these purchased silk bunches, to make them go further and have a bigger visual impact without having to buy a bunch MORE flowers, I created a couple of huge paper flowers from tissue paper. Time consuming, but I do LOVE to make them.


Knowing I’d have a use for it with the American Legion work I’m doing this year, I had bought up a bunch of SU Pacific Point striped cotton ribbon out of the clearance rack awhile back. (Lots of it. So much so, that I made enough bows for all these tables and still have rolls of the stuff left over! Have I ever mentioned that I love ribbon—especially when it’s on sale????) Mixed in that blue and white ribbon with a bunch more rolls of red, or red and white, or red, white and a touch of blue that we found at local stores just in time for the patriotic summer crafting season (thankfully). So, there were lots of bows tied.

And there was magnolia! Being a Southern girl through-and-through, I think magnolia works just about every season, for just about every decorating purpose. One of the more fun aspects of this decorating project was a trip to a relative’s house to raid a magnolia tree for the happy, shiny, green-and-thus-lively leaves that we added around the outside of each bag-vase of florals (you’ll see the bows here, too). Adding a touch of real plants or flowers to anything is always a good thing, and when it comes at NO cost—even better—and you couldn’t even tell we’d removed ANYTHING from that big ole glorious magnolia tree. And yet, Mr. Magnolia shared a couple of his glorious blooms with us, as well, as we each took home a huge white flower to scent our homes with while it lasted.  So, anyway, much effort later, and here’s the finished project for the banquet tables and the head table for the room.



For the Ladies’ Auxiliary meeting room, we were required to “number” the sections where each post would sit—and that was the point at which we also provided decoration, along with just a touch added to the dais at the front of the room. Bottom line for THIS room project was that we needed to be bold with the red, white, and blue décor, as this delineated spaces and sections for the Convention attendees. So we opted for some big, bold—yet nicely simple—star balloons in our patriotic color scheme, and added a handmade “number piece” to each set.


Set alongside each seating area, these balloon bunches looked very festive.

This project got me “caught up” with service projects for a good long while, allowing a major rest and recuperation period til the Autumn season brings new things to tend to. So, I think this means I can play with any crafty goodies that I just WANT to for awhile….

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

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