Bella Bleu and Purple, too


You never know where you’ll find creative inspiration in this beautiful world God’s given us….or exactly how you’ll be inspired by whatever it is that strikes your fancy. I’m inspired by everything from the written word (particularly poetry) to something as vast as the ocean or a brilliant blue sky….or as small as a wind-tossed crepe myrtle blossom. The petite crepe myrtle blossom is what got me going this time.

My daily walks take me into a very old cemetery, simply because it’s right across the street from where I recently moved, and my doggie loves everything about it. In the middle of rolling hills, and–obviously–many graves with their markers and monuments, there’s an old, tiny, very quaint chapel, with a couple of crepe myrtle “bushes”. These are so old now, they’ve been groomed into trees, really, and they’re covered right now with some so-very-sweetly-soft-purple blooms.

Chapel Lilac

Call these lilac, lavender, violet–a purple crepe myrtle by any other name would still be beautiful, whether on the tree/bush…or, as in the case of after our rain yesterday, also in a lovely snow-like mass lining the curb here.

20150805_195957 (1)

In my case, the inspiration they–and the other purply-plantings here–provided leads me to dub them Wisteria Wonder-colored, as that’s what I ended up playing with when I got home.

I’ve been pretty obsessed lately with creating various paper flowers for a couple of ongoing projects (that may or may not ever be completed!). This has led me to finally assemble a bunch of punched out and die cut “parts”, and also to just start making some more random flowers as I run across Pinterest 20150805_231922ideas or read various blogs. As always, I try to “use up” supplies/old stock when I first start in with an idea, so this led me to some (really) old SU DSP called Bella Bleu. I absolutely was over the moon about this paper and bought a bunch….and (amazingly) have NOT hoarded it all this time…but am just now about to use it all up. I think it made some really nice vintage-feel blooms.20150805_231858

(Here’s what the Bella Bleu paper pack looked like, just coz I think it’s gorgeous and wanted it memorialized here. 🙂 )Bella Blue DSP (2)

But then, with the purple inspiration my walk provided, I decided I needed to make some more flowers with some of the (also-possibly-hoarded) Core-dinations I have–and Wisteria Wonder jumped out at me, begging for a chance to rock my paper-crafting day. And I ended up staying up too late again, cutting out a bunch of circles, smooshing them together, spraying them with water, and then watching the magic happen.


With the way the Core-dinations paper works, these ended up being incredibly shabby-chic (perfect for me!), so I know I’ll be making a bunch more. This color will actually look lovely on SOMETHING for my bedroom. Wall-hanging? Decorated picture frame? Simply a small vase of paper flowers?  Who knows–I’ll have to wait til I finish with my flower obsession and move into “finish a project, for Heaven’s sake!” mode…

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!

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