Festive Fall Wreaths


Autumn provides my “warmest”—and one of my happiest—decorating opportunities.  Normally one who leans toward either crisp black-and-white…or to the other extreme of subtle vintage-y pastels…I love the Fall color palette possibilities. I get to play with rich browns, golden yellows and bronzes, and the yummy clarets and oranges I usually run from the rest of the year.

This is the time of year for textures, too:  rough woven burlap; scratchy grapevines; the softness of some feather plumes; the natural beauty of freshly fallen leaves, nubby acorns, and prickly pinecones. And a wreath made with one or more of those items, and with some traditional fall icons worked in—that makes my heart sing with memories of wonderful family gatherings in times past…and look forward to what this new season will bring.


This year’s wreath creations are four: one larger grapevine traditional round on my entry door and three smaller square-shaped ones adorning my front windows.  The three littler guys are simply adorned with some ribbon and a focal point of either a girl or boy scarecrow or this adorable little squirrel “pick” I found at my local crafts store.

The larger wreath has quite a bit more going on—with some silk foliage and three different ribbons, both wrapped and bowed to finish it off.

This lovely grouping greets me every evening after work and has me both smiling and entertaining thoughts of pumpkin pie and hot applie cider. Yum!

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A Basket of Flowers for the AL


The conference table in the newly-remodeled local American Legion office needed a centerpiece, so I got to play with some silk flowers again. Silks may not be the posh decorator’s favorite item, but for reasons of practicality and penny-pinching, I love them.

I wanted something bright, colorful, and semi-season-spanning to keep replacemnt costs down. And while I wanted to use the red (roses) and blue (carnations) silks I had on hand for a patriotic vibe, I didn’t want something just screaming red-white-and-blue.


The addition of some white in the form of some soft-toned daisies, as well as some extra golden-yellow blossoms, along with a lot of greenery gave me the look I was going for. It was all assembled inside a deep brown woven-reed basket, lending a neutral and natural touch to the arrangement.


This will work well until the Christmas holiday season offers the opportunity to change the décor!

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