A Basket of Flowers for the AL


The conference table in the newly-remodeled local American Legion office needed a centerpiece, so I got to play with some silk flowers again. Silks may not be the posh decorator’s favorite item, but for reasons of practicality and penny-pinching, I love them.

I wanted something bright, colorful, and semi-season-spanning to keep replacemnt costs down. And while I wanted to use the red (roses) and blue (carnations) silks I had on hand for a patriotic vibe, I didn’t want something just screaming red-white-and-blue.


The addition of some white in the form of some soft-toned daisies, as well as some extra golden-yellow blossoms, along with a lot of greenery gave me the look I was going for. It was all assembled inside a deep brown woven-reed basket, lending a neutral and natural touch to the arrangement.


This will work well until the Christmas holiday season offers the opportunity to change the décor!

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!!


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