A Fashionista Christmas Tree

Dressmaker Christmas Tree 2-1Pinterest and Facebook blew up with several decorating trends this year, and I have to admit it takes a lot for me to be bowled over with truly new ideas. This one got me, though: turning a dress maker’s form into a Christmas tree.  Did you see this all over the place, too? — or is it only me, because I actually have a form like this on hand?  And my obliging friends–read that “enabling”–pointed this out to me…so I just had to try it.

There are many instructions for assembly of these cuties out there, but in the end all I needed was an understanding of the concept, some wire, and some wire-cutters and the artificial Christmas tree branches I had on hand.  (Really. I didn’t have to buy anything to make this thing. All this crafting and decorating “stuff” I’ve gathered my whole life actually pays off sometimes….)

Dressmaker Christmas Tree 7My dressmaker form isn’t a traditional/ actual one–it’s more a wire representation of one. I fell in love with it when I found it (at a bargain price) at a local antique/collectibles store; I’ve wanted one literally for decades, but could never find one that I could justify purchasing because they were all either in too bad of shape or way too expensive for the genuine article.  And short. Like really short. And I’m 6′ tall, so it was a matter of principle that I refused to buy a 3′ tall dress dummy. Hmph. But this very nontraditional wire form is almost as tall as I am. Yippee! (Hey, when you’re a 6′-tall girl, your whole life is pretty non-traditional, so finding this gem truly was a big deal.)

So, ANYWAY, since the form was wire, I basically just had to wire on my tree branches.  Easy-peasy. And time consuming. Dressmaker Christmas Tree 1But very sturdy and unique when complete.  I chose to dress my dummy in a bodice of ribbon studded with button snowflakes that my great niece had adorned her with a few weeks prior when she was in a creative mood. (See Miss Christmas Tree in wedding gown mode here at right-> )
Dressmaker Christmas Tree 3

Her Christmas greenery gown is graced with lots of ornaments, multi-colored lights, and a whole bunch of ribbon. It actually took me less time to assemble and decorate this tree than it usually does for a standard variety. And she took up zero additional floor space in the room, so it was a total win-win.Dressmaker Christmas Tree 4-1

My Christmas decor this year was all about exploring colors and a style I’ve never really done before–bold and graphic, non-typical, bright, and very girly for this old lady I am now. My tree was even complete with her very own purple satin (decorated, of course) slipper that I’d bought years ago at an art show.

This will likely be the only year I go this particular route with my Christmas decorations, but it was fun to do and gave me an outlet for creative expression I needed.

And made me smile.

–Thanks for visiting my Little Corner today!


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