Christmas Decorating 2015

Christmas Decorating 2015-2

I sometimes don’t know whether to thank my Mom–or bemoan my fate–whenever Christmas decorating time rolls around.  Mom taught me to truly celebrate events (something wonderful, of course)….but from her I also got my obsession with decorating every nook and cranny of every place I’ve ever lived (not always a good thing!–case in point: the poor little gingerbread-guy silicone potholder who got hung in my window next to the stove….he smiled the whole time, but I think he was horribly uncomfortable there!).

Luckily, 2015’s abode is small-scale, so I actually could just about decorate every inch of it with all the Christmas decorations I’ve hoarded collected through the years. (I won’t mention how many bins of UNused decorations I didn’t even have room for!)  I also got to play with some interesting and a bit different color schemes this time.Christmas Decorating 2015-6

My Christmas tree (featured in more detail here) was unique, showcasing my first-floor color choices of turquoise, bright “Grinch”-green, and a bright purple.  My living room and craft space here have been done in blues and aquas the rest of the year, so it was easy to switch out to happy holiday mode with these particular colors.Christmas Decorating 2015-3-1


Upstairs, I went with an equally non-traditional black and white, with some pops of red. My black and white wreath set the tone for a cool, almost icy seasonal feel, and opened into my bedroom, where I’ve happily featured favorite old photos and original artwork by a local artist, along with items that are particularly meaningful to me this time of year, choosing things that fill my heart with joy –reminding me of cherished loved ones and times gone by.

Outside decorations were truly minimal this time, but here I kept the colors traditional (to better suit the house itself) and the style warm and inviting with a welcoming wreath and lots of happy red.Christmas Decorating 2015

The only snowflakes we saw in my neck of the woods this time were in my windows–it was one of the warmest Decembers on record here! Better luck next year for a white Christmas, I guess.  2015 was decidedly more colorful!

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