A Big Birthday Banner


I had a lot of fun–and some very pink fingers–inking up a birthday banner for the upcoming major birthday bash for my friend’s mom. The SU banner kit, lots of ink, and a lot of time assembling the perfect pinks for our very-girly-girl honoree produced a fun focal point for the birthday gathering.

This thing ended up being so big (needed to take up lots of space in the event room), that I couldn’t even set it all up together to get photos, and will ultimately be linking back at a later time after this initial post to get the finished product accounted for.  This will be part of a complete grouping to include some foam-board displays set up with photos that I’ve scanned and enlarged of the honoree through the years.

And, as promised, here’s a look at the finished banner, set up in June at the actual event:


Yep, this thing was a BIG banner, for a very BIG birthday!  Happy 90th, Annie Ruth!

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