A Twinsational Day

Room Decor1What wonderful weather (62 degrees and sunny in early February in my neck of the woods is quite a treat!), what a lovely place to have the event, what a wonderful group of people gathered; in short: what a wonderful TWINSATIONAL day! Likely the only twins-shower that I’ll ever see in my family, it was — well — doubly special.

I wanted to showcase for posterity the way the items I put together looked in the room after we finished decorating–and before the happy crew of kids and adults gathered for the festivities. The photo above shows the “hospitality” table (have no clue what word is appropriate here!) that held the favors I made (see post here), the diaper cake (here), and a batch of goodies for the kids that were present to play with and enjoy during (and after) the event. Several of us got together one afternoon and worked on some of this–creating a dozen tutus….and enough glitter mess (from the glitterized tulle ribbon that was sparklingly gorgeous!) to fill a tub! Add in some dollar-store tiaras for the girls and some blow-up plastic Avenger-type “weapons” for the boys (and, hey, I played with one of those “hammers” myself), and the table was sweet and complete fun.

Ariana banner room decor

And here are the “name banners” I put together (using the Simply Created Build-A-Banner Kit stencils and a WHOLE bunch of SU and stash papers; see prep-post here).

Isabella Banner room decor


I think these stand for “Adorable Infants”. 🙂

And here’s another item I had put together before the shower, to be used there, and then later at home on the babies’ walls. The local HL had these HUGE papier mache letters–about two and a half times larger than the ones they generally stock–when we decided we wanted to use them. So I snapped them up, and then spent most of the afternoon, while others worked on tutus, wrapping…and wrapping …..and wrapping pastel tulle ribbon around each letter. That “A” was most particularly time-consuming!  For the shower itself, I added a bit of bolder pink or purple wrapped in a random design around each letter and a touch of bling where I tied it off at front bottom. This little “extra” can be easily removed after the shower, if desired, to add lace, ribbon, buttons, more bling…or whatever seems best once the nursery is completely put together. So, a very adaptable gift item that was very easy (even if labor-intensive) to do.

There was a lot of other great “stuff” at this shower, too: dining tables topped with either pink or lavender tablecloths, tiny rubber duckies, baby-themed confetti, and little tissue-baby-buggies holding down a pink and purple balloon; serving tables filled with festive food, this adorable and Cake2absolutely delicious, sugar-rush-inducing REAL cake; an “advice tree” Advice Treeto pin on good wishes and advice for parents-to-be; and a “thumbprint tree” spot at the arrival area for everyone to leave a very personal, lasting imprint for the wall-hanging, which will be completed later by my sister (and grandma-to-be), who is a very talented artist.  So much sweetness surrounded us all today as we gathered to fete the parents and share in the excitement of preparing for two little girls to get here!

So, that’s it for my twinsational day, and I finally get to rest from all my “shower duties” for this year. I’m exhausted from all the prep, setup, and cleanup…but mom and dad will be getting a LOT busier very soon!  🙂

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Double-Diaper Cake

Diaper Cake 2

The first time I was introduced to the concept of a “diaper cake” for a baby shower, I thought that was the cutest thing ever devised for this kind of event. I’m always amazed at the creative minds out there that dream up these things to begin with. I mean, really–it’s kind of a big leap from what a diaper represents to a CAKE. Not something I would likely have ever thought to do on my own. But I’ve now made so many of these through the years that I’ve lost count. So, naturally, I had to make one for my niece’s twins shower.

I’ve seen many photos out there for twins where separate cakes are made, but I could just Diaper Cake pinkenvision one where a Diaper Cake purplecuddly-cute stuffed animal sat on each side of the cake, and so I worked from there.  Miss Pink and Miss Purple each have their own side, replete with little toys, a bit of clothing, some blankets with a cute owl print in pinks AND purples (those form the “frosting” for the cake layers), and –of course– tucked underneath all that is a (literal) hundred neatly rolled and banded diapers, waiting to be used when “Size 1” is reached. That may be awhile– so after it’s done being a table decoration for the upcoming baby shower, this little tower of tutu cuteness can be kept intact as a room decoration til ready to use those diapers, if the parents so choose.

Diaper cake

And this is a continuation of the “tutu” theme being used throughout the shower. I tied up a variety of pink and purple tulle ribbons onto some elastic cording and put it around the “base” of the cake, which is a rectangular box–which also houses a gift for the babies. The only item on this that can’t be reused for the twins or their room is what I put on top of the base: I wrapped up some cardboard circles in pink or purple paper and used them to be the “wings” on this cake, to hold the stuffed animals. The rest of the “layers” are the rolled diapers, covered with blankets (bottom two) and a couple of pre-folded cloth diapers (on the top layer). Those came in a four-pack–and just happened to have one purple and one pink patterned one in the bunch. I really lucked out in my shopping, because so much baby stuff this season seemed to be more in the soft greens and yellows or peaches, and so I was really tickled to find items I could make work here. (Next time I’m making a cake, the recipient will probably NEED yellow, peach, and green–and it will be the scarce color combo then!)

So, that’s all the shower prep now–done. I’ve got to finish packaging up the rest of the gifties, and then plan on a marathon room-decorating session coming up for the weekend. And then on to the big event. Nothing quite like family, friends, food, fun–and getting ready for babies on the way!

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Some Twin-tastic Shower Prep

It’s a Girl….and a Girl!!

Baby Welcome Sign in process2

Right now I’m in the middle of a very time-consuming, very labor intensive, very much-loved project….and it just dawned on me that– so is the mother-to-be! Thankfully, all I’m having to do is help her friend get ready for the upcoming baby shower. Whew!

There will be a couple of banners that I’m making thanks to the Simply Created Build A Banner Kit. I love these letter stencils and will be adding them to a couple of pre-made kraft-paper banners from the local crafts store. Baby Welcome Sign in process

The two little girls on the way are getting their names done up in either pink or purple, and all shades of those two colors will be used throughout both the shower and the babies’ nursery. I like to decorate any shower “room” with items that can be reused or re-purposed once mama gets home with the goodies. These banners will be adorned with enough tulle (the mom’s choice) to make any fru-fru lover swoon with delight. I think I’ve bought 12 rolls of tulle ribbon so far for the various items, and there’s no end in sight!

There will be some nice little favors for each guest to take home with them, all being put Shower prep 1together courtesy of the Mini-Milk Carton Die I just recently purchased off the SU! Clearance Rack. It seemed perfect for this project.  I’m just up to my eyeballs in all kinds of papers that I’ve die cut, punched, and glued…and will BE glueing for awhile now! I’ve pulled out every single SU pink or purple paper–new and retired stock, along with every other paper in my stash. Who knew I’d finally get to use up all this Concord Crush Card Stock I’ve been hoarding?

Since these babies will be my newest great-nieces, I’m delighted to be so paper-deep in work, and decided I’d document my Shower prep 2creative process here for posterity, as well as the finished products–if I ever get them done! I keep thinking of new things to add to the projects to make them “just right”. (These are the first twins in two generations in our family, so we’re all kind of excited and overwhelmed with the prospect!)

And, naturally, this is providing me with loads of double-the-fun in creative opportunity.  Here’s the little poem I came up with for the favor boxes:

Double the sweet, Double the fun;

Double the diapers when day is done.

Double the giggles, Double the curls;

Our lives’ll be blessed with double the girls.

Now, back to work!

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Monkey business

Hudson diaper cake2This is my “epic save” from a COLOSSAL failure diaper cake for my niece’s baby shower today.  BAD monkey business of a mess I started with; GOOD monkey business in the save!

This thing is five-feet tall and largely comprised of two plastic “buckets” inverted onto each other to hold the gifts inside–and there were lots of them.  All the usual, typical first Hudson diaper cake1baby needs that often get overlooked in gifting, but that are really, really needed once baby arrives.  But there’s also all kinds of monkey-toy and monkey-designs on the gifts contained here…lots and lots of fun monkey business happening, too!

The “cake” on top is very traditional (just diapers rolled up into “cake layers”) and nothing to write home about, although I think it did turn out very cute, and was definitely lovingly made. But to appreciate how great this finished project actually is, you’d have to have seen the vision inside my head that did NOT turn out.  I originally wanted to create a “tree” to hang all this monkey stuff from.

Let’s just say I was NOT successful in turning thought into reality. Hah!

But my niece seemed to love it anyway, and that’s all that counts!

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